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Demon Hunter - The World is a Thorn

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2010-03-09
Label: Solid State Records
Genre: Metal
Producer: Aaron Sprinkle
Artist discography


Christian metal act Demon Hunter returns with their highly anticipated new album. This one starts out in an almost Metallica-like fashion with guitar melodies before it crashes into opening track "Descending Upon Us". It feels tight, it feels heavy but not too dangerous. Some of the songs remind me of Nonpoint whereas other reminds me Machine Head. There are also some songs that would classify as Thrash metal, like the hammering title track that reminds me of Swashbuckle minus the pirate theme. 

There are some cool guests appearing on this album. Bj√∂rn Strid from Soilwork guests on "Collapsing" and that one sounds like it could be straight from a Soilwork album. Christian Alvestam, former Scar Symmetry vocalist, also guests and he provides some really dark and heavy growling on the song "Just Breathe". There is a big variety among the songs and some songs are very heavy while the last song "Blood in the Tears" sound like something Staind would produce. 

Overall I am not jumping of joy over this album although I am not turning it off either. It is a good album but not a brilliant one although I like some of the riffs. If you are a fan of metal you will love some songs on here but not all of them. Fans of Soilwork and similar bands are welcome to investigate, as is Demon Hunter fans. But I guess they already got this in their collection. I like some parts of this and I do not like some other parts of it. You can always have a listen on Spotify before you make up your mind.  

Tracklisting 1. Descending Upon Us
2. LifeWar
3. Collapsing (feat. Bjorn "Speed" Strid)
4. This Is The Line
5. Driving Nails
6. The World Is A Thorn
7. Tie This Around Your Neck
8. Just Breathe (feat. Christian Alvestam)
9. Shallow Water
10. Feel As Though You Could (feat. Dave Peters)
11. Blood In The Tears


Melodic Net Comments 

Good call on the review man. I picked up this album and am really only listening to Collapsing and Shallow water

listen on spotify