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Kevin Gilbert - The Kaviar sessions

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Kevin Gilbert
Artist discography


One of this world?s most talented musicians ever or maybe the most talented was Kevin Gilbert who is no longer with us. His last work was The Kaviar Sessions together with Nick D?Virgilio(Spocks Beard),Brian Macleod,Susie David,David Lenita and Paul III. He has always done what he felt like doing at the moment and none of his records sounds alike, The Giraffe albums is in my opinion one of the best musical adventures ever made. His solo album "Thud" was a bit dark and difficult and took awhile for me to appreciate but still you could sense and touch his music in a way no one else is capable of making. The project Toy Matinee together with Patrick Leonard is maybe the easiest album to listen to compared to the others and the song "Last plane out" was a hit too. 2 years ago his rock opera "Shaming of the true" saw the day of light and made every Gilbert fan around happy for a long time,it had some truly major fantastic moments but I felt I didn?t understand at all some of the songs. Now to the Kaviar which is m e of a group effort but with Kevin behind the songwriting and the producing,this odd record is exactly what they had in mind when they got in the studio.

To make the sickest,funniest and most spectacular album ever. I dont argue with that,these are very,very strange compositions. Talking Heads and King Crimson comes to mind at some tunes but at the next comparable to nothing. I dont know what to think about this album,Bad or good??!! I know though that you haven?t heard anything like it before. It?s only available through his website.


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