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Coury Palermo - boxsideoutV.I/the minorfall

Troy Kramm Format: Ep
Year: 2010
Label: Wine&Vinyl
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Producer: Coury Palermo/Chris Brush
Artist discography


Do you ever find yourself ranting and raving about an artist that you love, but can’t understand why others aren’t doing the same? I feel like I do that every time the name Coury Palermo comes up. Thankfully I have a perfectly good reason to do so right now. “boxsideoutV.I” and “the minorfall” have finally been released. It feels like ages since Coury has released new material. “boxsideout” was released in late 2009 but it wasn’t original material. It had three cover songs including a remix of one. The great thing about Coury is that he made each of them his own. For example, “Another Day in Paradise” originally done by Phil Collins is a song I couldn’t be bothered to listen to EVER. I was just never a Collins fan. However, Coury’s version I absolutely adore. There is a dark, almost troubling atmosphere that he creates with the music. Coury’s vocals make it sound like he is absolutely immersed in the song. There is so much passion in his voice that I absolutely love. His composition skills really shine while listening to “No Ordinary Love”. The use of strings with the layering of his vocals is mind blowing. The song sounds so simple but knowing there is so much going on is really exciting while listening. His version of “Here Comes The Rain Again” is almost beyond words. This song is a vocal showcase for the man. He definitely does the Eurhythmics justice on this one. “the minorfall” was released earlier in March. Here we have three original songs from Coury Palermo. Now you might not want to listen to these songs while you are in a good mood. These ones are a mood killer lol. They don’t have any pop-inspired beats but that isn’t what this release is about. For those of you who are looking for songs like that you are going to have to wait a bit longer, but they are coming in a later release. The slower paced songs from him are actually my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good upbeat song from Coury but he is at his best when he makes you listen and feel every word he sings. “Hymn For Lovers Lost”, “Meant To Be” and “Sunday Black” left me aching for more music from this man. I can’t wait to see what he releases next! If you like what you hear, both EPs are available on Itunes.

Tracklisting boxsideout
1. Another Day In Paradise
2. Here Comes The Rain Again
3. No Ordinary Love
4. Here Comes The Rain Again (Aries Radio Mix)

the minorfall
1. Hymn for Lovers Lost
2. Meant to Be
3. Sunday Black


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