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H.E.A.T - Freedom Rock

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2010-04-20 Year: 2010
Label: Stormvox Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Michael Vail Blum
Artist discography


Michael Vail BlumSweden’s hottest AOR band are back with their 2nd album called Freedom Rock. They came out of nowhere and set the world on fire when they released their debut album in 2008. It was a magnificent debut album filled with classic AOR-sound with huge hooklines. They released a new song in 2009 called 1000 Miles that showed that these guys are here to stay and was Sweden’s 5th most played song on radio that year. Earlier this year H.e.a.t released a 3-track single called Beg Beg Beg with 2 stunning bonus tracks called Tonight and Living In A Memory that sounded awesome. I wondered if they could or manage to come up with a new cracker with their 2nd album and I must say that Freedom Rock is even better with stronger production, better arrangements and it’s filled with stunning songs. On some of the songs they have even put in female background vocals and it sounds superb. The songs has more variation than the debut and that is also a plus. This new album sounds even more AOR than the debut and I would say that bands like Starship (Love Among The Cannibals), Signal, FM (Tough It Out), Red Dawn and of course Giant (but not as much as on the debut). Kenny Leckremo´s voice has grown to be even stronger between these two albums and he sings just stunning, like a mixture of Mickey Thomas (Starship) and Mark Free (Signal, Unruly Child). The album opens up with We’re Gonna Make It and is a fantastic soundtrack AOR-rocker with plenty of keyboards and riff strong guitars that builds up the song to a first class chorus that grabs a hold of you and your in AOR-heaven. What a start of the album and it just gets better. Black Night is a duet with Kenny and Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) and is a cracker with layers of melodies and the chorus is powerful with strong background vocals. I Can’t Look The Other Way could be the AOR-song of the year and it gave me goose-bumps (well there’s more songs on the album that gave me that). This is a fantastic AOR-rocker with powerful drum sound and Jona Tee gets extra room to shine with his keyboards. The chorus is huge with catchy hooklines and this is pure AOR magic and listen to the harmonies, classy stuff. Shelter is the ballad of the album and what a song then, this would have been a major hit back in the 80s for sure because the chorus is a winner with Giant feel over it. The melodies and Kenny’s voice makes it a perfect match. Stay 2010 (I think this song was on the Japanese version of the debut album) and this is a hook laden AOR-rocker that reminds of FM with big background vocals and a sing-a-long chorus. Everybody Wants To Be Someone starts slow but turns out to a excellent AOR-rocker with a phenomenal chorus with powerful background vocals and a song that won’t leave your head. This reminds so much of Starship at their peak. Nobody Love You Like I Do is filled with brilliant twin guitars and the sing-a-long chorus is huge with classy harmony vocals and H.e.a.t rock big time on this one. Cast Away is another AOR-winner with a brilliant chorus with plenty of hooks and wonderful melodies. But for the first time in H.e.a.t´s history they have written a less good song and that is High On Love that they could have left out. It’s not a bad one but if you compare with the rest of the songs it’s just a average one. But guys I forgive you for this false step because rest of the 12 songs are just amazing stuff. Freedom Rock is a true masterpiece and they have proved us that they are here to stay and this is the album of the year for sure so far. So be ready in May when it will be released and I suggest you don’t miss this outstanding AOR album or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Tracklisting 1. We're Gonna Make It To The End
2. Black Night
3. I Can't Look The Other Way
4. Shelter
5. Beg Beg Beg
6. Danger Road
7. Stay
8. Everybody Wants To Be Someone
9. Nobody Loves You (Like I Do)
10. I Know What It Takes
11. Cast Away
12. High On Love
13. Who Will Stop The Rain


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