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Dead Letter Circus - This is the Warning

Reviewer :
drr00t Format: Album
Release date: 2011-07-26 Year: 2011
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Forrester Savell
Artist discography


Refreshing, uplifting and incredible – the best three words to describe Dead Letter Circus’s full length debut album “This is the Warning”.

Dead Letter Circus have created such a distinctive, original sound that is so refreshing in a music industry filled with copycat bands that all sound far too generic.  Their songs are uptempo, feature strong delay saturated guitars, beautiful tones, thunderous rhythms and excellent vocals.

This is a 12 track album that is packed full of killer tracks and surprises from beginning to end.  They have a sound that is hard to place into one single genre, so the best way to describe them is as a alternative/progressive rock band.  Some songs feature a typical verse/chorus pattern whereas others follow a more progressive influence and build to an explosive finish.

The album opens with the song “Here we divide” and this is the perfect opener as it immediately showcases to the listener what this band is all about.  It has a catchy soaring chorus, good musicianship, and builds from a quieter mellow bridge to a fantastic climax.

Dead Letter Circus also use programmed sequences to add another layer to their sound and this is prominent in the next song “One step”.  This song will no doubt become an anthem amongst fans and be a fantastic sing along at live gigs.

The album then moves onto the singles “Big” an uplifting song that really shows the talent of vocalist Kim Benzie and “The space on the wall”.  “This long hour” is up next and is one of my personal favourites as it really showcases the distinctive bass of Stewart Hill.  Rather then just playing prolonged notes he plays with real speed and bounce, and really drives the rhythm of most songs and adds an awesome groove that you cant help but nod your head to.  “Cage” is next and this showcases the bands diversity by incorporating what is almost a dance beat in a few sections before building to a rock orientated finish.

The next songs “Reaction” and “The Drum” are great for completely different reasons.  “Reaction” showcases fantastic lyrics, a catchy chorus, and a more traditional verse/chorus composition, whereas “The drum” is far more progressive and builds from a quiet beginning to a truly explosive finale that showcases the musical talents of the band.

The only disappointing song on the album for me is up next in “the design”.  I can appreciate that the band were trying something different here but it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere in my opinion.  The band then steps it up a gear with “Next in line” a thunderous track that displays everything that is great about this band.  The album finishes with the tracks “Walk” and the title track “This is the warning” which is a fantastic closer and once again showcases Tool-esque progressive elements.
The production is done by Forrester Savell and once again is top notch – he is, in my opinion, the best producer in Australia.
Awesome album.

1. "Here We Divide"   5:07
2. "One Step"   3:29
3. "Big"   3:42
4. "The Space on the Wall"   3:57
5. "This Long Hour"   4:28
6. "Cage"   4:45
7. "Reaction"   3:45
8. "The Drum"   6:16
9. "The Design"   5:46
10. "Next in Line"   3:23
11. "Walk"   4:11
12. "This Is the Warning"   4:46
Total length:


Melodic Net Comments 

Here We Divide is a mindblowing song. It takes you on a journey of emotion. It was counter effective for me as each subsequent song was nowhere as great as it is. Should have been the last track IMHO =). I agree with Ed, The Design, while nothing like Here We Divide; is an outstanding track on the album. It sounds very similar to Abigail's Ghost (another good progressive rock band). If I had to pick my least favorite (yes I'm from the States =) track to cut from the album, it would be Reaction. It's good, but very mainstream in comparison to the rest of the ablum. I love the Aussie rock scene, it is so refreshing. DLC is now one of my new fave bands, to go along with Deftones, Tool, Chevelle, Evans Blue, Parabelle, and of course Karnivool. Rock on Australia!

Australia <3 <3 <3

sorry but the design is by far the best song on the album, i like it way better than the opener.

Ultra vocals and fantastic production. Great new rock.

Excellent review & excellent album.

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