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Anberlin - Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2010-09-07 Year: 2010
Label: Universal Republic Records
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Brendon OBrien
Artist discography


Anberlin has been one of the most successful bands that have spanned their career from Toot and Nail records to Universal Republic. The band always knows how to please their fans and does yet again on their latest record, “Dark Is The Way, Light Is the Place,” out September 7th.
This time around Anberlin channels their inner new wave 80’s core, a little bit differently than they have done before. Always having a bit of the eighties influence with Morrissey and New Order, the band really clicks on this record. They use more electronic subtleties in an almost Angels and Airwaves meets Thirty Seconds to Mars way. I’ll be honest usually there’s a few tracks that I skip on an Anberlin record, but this time around I cant find one. The album is short and to the point with its 10- solid tracks.
From the opening track “We Owe This To Ourselves” the band kicks into an almost “readyfules” type of song but in the new decade. You may have already seen this video if you were lucky enough to follow them on Twitter. This song is urgent and fast and has one of the coolest breakdowns. “Impossible” is the first real single from the album, may not have been the best choice but is still a good track. Next is “Take Me (As You Found Me). Vocalist Stephen Christian finds his inner Starship inspired chorus as he belts the same hook, “Take Me as You Found Me, Take You As You Found Me” which can be sung right over “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” which is really cool.
“Closer” is a rock solid track and one of the more heavier songs on the record. The urgent pounding fast paced drums set the tone for this album. “The Art of War” is a personal favorite of mine, this is a moderate tempo song with a big catchy chorus. I can definitely see this song being a single for modern radio with the hooks “There are songs I’ll never write, because of you walking out of my life.” “To The Wolves” is just plain classic Anberlin with rock solid heavy guitars along side the constant background guitars and heavy chugs.
This one of the best Anberlin records to date. They were really int their element on this record. It definitely has a mix of all their records on this one and all the classic Anberlin sound you love to hear. There is a little more on this record that will open up the boundaries for the band. Definitely a buyer.

Tracklisting 1. We Owe This to Ourselves
2. Impossible
3. Take Me (As You Found Me)
4. Closer
5. You Belong Here
6. Pray Tell
7. Art of War
8. To the Wolves
9. Down
10. Depraved
11. All We Have
12. Impossible
13. Impossible
14. We Owe This to Ourselves


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