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Tim Bragg - Stranger through the window

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2010-08-03 Year: 2010
Label: Independent
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Tim Bragg
Artist discography


Back in the glory days of Benny Hill Show there was an episode about a low budget movie company called Cheapo Productions, I remember this episode as hilarious and while listening to Tim Bragg´s new album "Stranger through the window". I wonder if Cheapo Productions is behind this record because this is as low budget a studio recording can get. Except this album isnt funny at all, Tim can brag about a lot of things, at least his last name but not his vocal performance.

I guess his family thinks he´s a good singer but I have heard kids in kindergarten sing better so it´s very annoying that his voice is so high in the mix, it sounds weird. Where is the fighter is a decent song that Tim has done as a tribute to Phil Lynott, a nice gesture. About the music then, well imagine a 2nd division Bob Seger playing leftovers by Dire Straits and you´ll get Tim Bragg.

Tracklisting 1. On The Radio
2. Chasing Down Dreams
3. Where Is The Fighter? - 2010 Mix
4. When Spring Comes Round
5. Some Answers
6. Night Is Fallin'
7. Sunrise
8. No Confidence
9. Get Right Back
10. Stranger Through The Window
11. Can't Run Away
12. The Montbron Girl
13. Cruel Trick
14. Won't Change A Thing


Melodic Net Comments 

Just google away baby

Anywhere we can listen to Mr Roth singing or playing anything?

yepp - enough said. Let's all go on... Some like it. Some don't. Judge yourself at Spotify or whatever as you say. But I dont like when people call people (especially my staff) for c**ks and such stuff, it's unworthy. When people write comments I think it's fair to at least mention their names instead of these sort of ridicolous alias.. But that's another story. So lets end this story here. We have different opinions and well - let our readers judge themselves. All the best and take care. Pär

Enough said Par - I've been following these comments since I left my first response. I, like others who have posted since, have objected to the personal attack on Tim Bragg (though I didn't state that). I notice you have given the album one star too - I did a bit of research (apart from buying the album) and the album's had good reviews elsewhere (though not without criticism). I think that's the point. Give the album a listen or go to (where I first heard it) and where folk can make up there own mind. The song writing - if nothing else - is excellent and VERY melodic. I just don't like non-constructive criticism I guess.

No, Kaj Roth is not a cock. He's from Örebro in Sweden and may have one, but that's another story. And he has the balls (which are included in a c**k) to write his thoughts about an album he doesn't like though. That is our mission here at the site to have our own opinions about albums. Enuff said now. Pär - Editor in chief.

What is Kaj Roth's problem? Better get the kindergarten kids signed to a label pronto because they must be fantastic singers! Why does he assume Mr Bragg's family thinks he's a good singer? He may not even have a family. He must have some kind of axe to grind and this is not how to go about doing it. Maybe he should just go back to watching his Benny Hill collection. No normal folk watched Benny Hill so that kinda says it all. I liked the album and to knock the production is b****cks. The Police made their first two albums for a few thousand quid and they didn't get a load of stick. I've only given it 4.5 stars for the same reason my old art teacher never awarded me an 'A' Grade - because nothing is ever perfect and as such can't be marked so. Keep going Tim and don't be put off by meaningless reviews.

So the family came after all.....

Crackers & Pizza
Great album loved it! get back to me about new albums i'm really interested in hearing more. The review you got was complete nonsense and was not needed, hope his review didnt affect your morale because it was very personal, and was very mean in most respects, and talking about you saying kids in kindergarten could sing better than you is a joke in my ear it is one of the best i have ever heard and i bet he couldn't do better than you, so Mr. Roth should watch what he says for future albums! Overall it is a great album well done!!

I have just listened to Stranger Through the Window and I can hear the influence of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. Tim Bragg's vocal style is close to Phil's too- The review is very misleading and I would urge folk to check out this album themselves and they will find the singing is in tune and in rhythm and sounds good! I wonder what the reviewer would have made of Shades of a Blue Orphanage of Thin Lizzy's eponymous first album! Slagged off Mr Lynott?

Can;t believe how negative the reviewer is being here. The album is full of passionate and melodic songs played generously and put together with a lot of craft. What is all that shit about families and Kindergartens??? Come on Mr Roth!!

Love this album!

listen on spotify