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Lukas Rossi - Hollywood Stripped

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2010-08-10 Year: 2010
Label: Independent
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Lukas Rossi
Artist discography


Not long after Lukas Rossi debuted his first full length solo album, "Hollywood," he is unleashing the sibling record "Hollywood Stripped." This album contains all the songs from the original tracks released, just acoustic and stripped down. This was great news after being a fan of the original record. The raw versions of these songs bring a whole new light and depiction of his art. If you didn’t think Rossi had enough emotion and angst in the original record, then certainly you will be fulfilled on this one.
With the same track list, “The World Is Not Enough” opens it again and takes on a whole new vibe. Rossi displays his more heartfelt and emotional side on these organic songs. With just Rossi and the acoustic you get the real version of the song pouring his heart out. If you have followed Rossi like me, this is what you have been waiting for. Practically yelling over the acoustic and putting his heart on the line, “Sedated” was the repeater for me. The chorus of this song is projected and glorified with only the guitar behind it.
Rossi steps into different genres on this one. The thing about this record is that it will take him to a new level and pushes the boundaries. With only him and the acoustic, you can draw comparisons to City and Colour, Dustin Kensrue, and somewhat of the vocals style of Thriving Ivory. He steps into the more earthy side and involves some country and folk inspired depictions of his own songs like “Lay It on The Line.” “War” and “Science” are perfectly executed in the original vein they were intended. His signature raspy, deep aggressive vocal style isn’t the only positive on the album. Rossi gets into falsetto and takes his vocals to a new level.
This isn’t some rough demo that he put together to make money, this is a real studio album and production. Many bands would just release this way after the fact as a deluxe edition to boast sales and half ass it, but Rossi knows quality and does nto sacrifice his art. This is what Luks Rossi does, whether its acoustic or electric, there is no denying this guy can sing, write, produce and perform. “Hollywood” and “Hollywood Stripped” are exactly what the music industry lacks today, a true showman and that is exactly what Lukas Rossi is.

Tracklisting 1. The World Is Not Enough *

2. Sedated *

3. Revolver

4. Lay It On The Line *

5. Burning Bridges

6. When We Were Young

7. Pushed Me Away *

8. War

9. Hail to the Queen

10. Science

11. Never Say Goodbye

12. Hollywood *



Melodic Net Comments
love it love it......enjoy LUKAS in his newest "HOLLYWOOD STRIPPED'" it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!.....xoxoxoxox

I downloaded 'Hollywood Stripped' as soon as I saw that it was available. Lukas Rossi has a gorgeous voice, his range is beautifully showcased on this acoustic album. Having heard him perform live both with a full band and also acoustically, it's hard to pick a favorite but, that being said, acoustic wins with me. His huge songwriting talent is matched by soaring vocals and heartfelt emotional connection to the lyrics. I am always drawn into Lukas' story and his melodies stay with me. I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy and enjoy this great ablum!