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Peter Doran - Sleepless Street

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2010-07-23 Year: 2010
Label: Peter Doran
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Filippo Gaetani
Artist discography


I can not understand why Peter Doran opens up his album with perhaps the weakest song on the album, "Hunter's Sketchers'. Cause after that song we are invited to a nice mix of thoughtful lyrics, a light produced singer songwriter pop with tasteful string arrangement. The second track on the CD "Sacred Place" is one of those songs, and "Someone Else's Heart" is another just to take two examples. If I have to draw any parallels with other artists, you could say a mix between Jules Shear, Glen Phillips and Eg White's solo stuff. A small gem of a disc that's perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Tracklisting 1. Hunter's Sketches
2. Sacred Place
3. Eternity
4. Pathways
5. When You Can
6. The Composer
7. Someone Else's Heart
8. Steeped In You
9. Twisted Freak
10. Abstract Man
11. Moan And Complain
12. Sleepless Street


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