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Bruce Springsteen - The Promise

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2010
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


22 tracks from the archives... Some of those previously documented in bootlegs, others are newly recorded. All of a wow experience that you didn't know existed.
What few people knew when "Darkness" was released 32 years ago was that there were material to an entire box. Here it is. Almost.

When Stones opened the box to make the re-release to their masterpiece "Exile on Main Street" they found a handful of unreleased tracks and when the Beatles re-released the "Sgt Pepper", there were no extras added from the band/recordcompany at all. This is just the opposite. Bruce was blown by the recordcompany. He had basically given away their music as soon as he naïve wrote on a record deal in the backseat of a car.

It cost him a small fortune to buy back the rights while he was prevented from working as long as the dispute lasted. But apparently it didn't disturb Bruce who was in an amazingly creative flow where the songs formly pouring out of him.

"Darkness" was conceived as a more mature follow up to "Born to Run".  Many of the songs he wrote  ended up in the archive or found their way into the lucrative bootleg market.

In the box "Tracks", there were five or six of them. And here another 22 (of which around a third not even the hardcore fans knew about).

But there's more. It is actually true. For example, "Down by the river", "Preacher's Daughter", "Castaway" and "Break Out". In addition, he recorded a handful of the songs that would end up on the "River" ("Independence Day" with more).

The album is a proof of an amazing artist on his way to the complete stardom. And when you hear this material you can hear why...

Now we're waiting for "The Promise - part 2".

Tracklisting 1. Racing In The Street - '78
2. Gotta Get That Feeling
3. Outside Looking In
4. Someday (We'll Be Together)
5. One Way Street
6. Because The Night
7. Wrong Side Of The Street
8. The Brokenhearted
9. Rendezvous
10. Candy's Boy
1. Save My Love
2. Ain't Good Enough For You
3. Fire
4. Spanish Eyes
5. It's A Shame
6. Come On (Let's Go Tonight)
7. Talk To Me
8. The Little Things (My Baby Does)
9. Breakaway
10. The Promise
11. City Of Night


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