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Ferras - Interim - The Time Between

Pär Winberg Format: Ep
Year: 2010
Label: Independent
Genre: Pop
Producer: Ferras
Artist discography


One of the best albums from 2008 was Ferras stunning album "Aliens & Rainbows". The album is still an album that I play often and will do a lot in the future. So I was really happy when I got this EP with him a while ago. It is a special E.P because it's more or less a gift to us fans so we'll have some music to listen to before the new album will be released in 2011. This E.P is recorded live in the studio and contain five original tunes and what can I say more than I once again is stunned over this man and his talent... OK - it's just a piano, a voice and it's live in the studio. But the songwriting! The voice! Phew - I just love it. It's naked. It's honest. It's so damn lovely that I wanna hug the man and say thank you for this little present for the time between the two studioalbums... If you ask me - Ferras is one of the most talented guys I've heard in ages. Five songs, a piano and a voice... Just listen to "Phantom Song" and the over 9 minute long "Ghosts"... Well folks... it is just pure magic. Nothing else.


Melodic Net Comments 

Thank you, Par....for recognizing Ferras' brilliance from the start! "Interim" is as raw as an artist can get and Ferras delivers it with polished perfection. 5 Stars!!!

Ferras and Interim are absolute genius! He is out of this world and his music is magical! Thank you for acknowledging his fabulousness!

So happy a real reviewer understands how special Ferras an his music are!