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Gentle Knife - Gentle Knife

Reviewer :
Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2015
Label: Bajkal Records
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Gentle Knife
Artist discography


In this modern age it feels so nice to once in a while find bands who look back in time for their sound and musical ideas. Norwegian band GENTLE KNIFE is a perfect example. Putting it short, they’re a band with obvious influences from bands and artists like JETHRO TULL, KATE BUSH, GENTLE GIANT and even PINK FLOYD.

There’s an imminent 70’s vibe in the sound and the keyboards have that typical analog sound that is so lovable. And looooong songs, of course! Compared to the average progressive rock scene contributions, I find more folk vibes in GENTLE KNIFE’s music as well. It’s a nice and odd spice. And the band knows how to use all the gears; there are lots of switches from truly soft parts to heavier guitar driven parts. The song “The gentle knife” is a great example, and also includes some top notch keyboard solo playing.

The band is a quite solid bunch of players and all in all this is very much an uncut gem. What I’d like to see is better lead vocals and a stronger production. As for the production, you get a slight feeling of school orchestra from time to time, so there’s plenty to improve (even though the mixing was done by none other than NEAL KERNON!). Leaving that aside, this is a strong recommendation for those of you who really loved the progressive rock of the 70’s. You don’t come across new bands like GENTLE KNIFE. Cool!

Tracklisting 1. Eventide

2. Our quiet footsteps*

3. Remnants of pride

4. Tear away the chords that bind

5. Beneath the waning moon

6. The gentle knife*

7. Epilogue - Locus amoenus

8. Coda - Impetus



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