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Red - Until we have faces

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-02-01
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Rob Graves
Artist discography


With the surprise effect being gone, a band has to deliver equally strong songs or even better to maintain interesting for the listener. In the case with Red and their orchestral and bombastic metal, we already know their sound from the previous 2 albums which both were stunning. So after 3 spins of the new album "Until we have faces", I can only come to the conclusion that this band wants to be super safe and deliver the same album over and over again except this time the songs do not match either "End of silence" (2006) nor "Innocence and instinct" (2009).
Sure the opening is impressive with "Feed the machine" and "Faceless" but the album kinda loses it´s enormous power from the first two tracks on the remaining 9 tracks. This feels like a huge Hollywod movie, a big budget, lots of special effects but the story is thin and you know the hero will get the girl in the end. 4 stars for the production but 2 stars for the songs, I sure do hope Red dare to try something new on the next album or else I will drop this band.

Tracklisting 1. Feed The Machine
2. Faceless
3. Lie To Me (Denial)
4. Let It Burn
5. Buried Beneath
6. Not Alone
7. Watch You Crawl
8. The Outside
9. Who We Are
10. Best Is Yet To Come
11. Hymn For The Missing


Melodic Net Comments 

red are a great hard rock band i like the slow and the heavy songs and i like all 3 albums. lets hope red can make it big they certainly deserve it. the talent is there and having a positive messages in your songs also are a plus. if you dont like this album you must not like the hard rock bands of today.

Still Im glad that so many still dig them so much, its a great band

I also agree with the "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" group. After seeing what has happened to Linkin Park due to "evolution" in the band, I was praying that Red would not follow in their footsteps. This album, while not groundbreaking, is better than the previous two albums. Red has knocked this one out of the ballpark on shear musicianship and writing ability, not by rewriting the "book of Red". 5 stars all the way.

I always agree with you Kaj for your reviews, but not this time, Until We Have Faces it's an amazing emotional album, I can't stop to listen to this jewel....5 stars please!

When I listen to the songs I on this album. I do not hear a band that is afraid of change. I hear a band that is growing in different areas, the right areas. The song writing is much stronger with this album. The vocal work is stronger. Everything about the new album is stronger. And frankly. This does not sound like a repeat of the first two albums at all. There is plenty of growth here Kaj. And I'm surprised that you can't hear it. Listen to the album again. Listen good. I see no reason to give a great album and possibly their best album 3 stars simply because they didn't do what you wanted, or thought they should do with it. You're being a bit personal with this rating my friend. I think you should take my advice and listen to the new album again, and raise that rating while you're at it. And I'm pretty sure they won't care if you drop them either. Get real man.

I have to disagree with you too on this one Kaj. This is just the most emotional album yet from these guys, and I'm deeply in love with it. It's more evolved, still very catchy. Innocence was a very good album too, but I like this one a bit more. I have to mention Linkin Park too.. they changed their style, and now everyone cries for the Hybrid Theory/Meteora era. THIS is Red.

I agree with Bryce. "Innocence and Instinct" was a great rock album and I love the song "Fight Inside". But I think "End of Silence" was a little bit more powerful and emotional. "Until We Have Faces" is more like "End of Silence". I love that style. The songs "Feed the Machine" and "Faceless" are great rock songs. I also love the ballad "Not Alone" (especially the second half). And there're a lot of other amazing songs on it. I think Red is on the right track! Linkin Park tried to change their style ... and we all know the result :-D So I look forward to get the new album in two weeks :-)

Rush never make the same album twice and still they are rulers of the world! The new Red album isnt bad, I thought it could be better though

I have to disagree with you a little bit on this one. I thought Innocence and Instincts was a huge step backwards in the progression of the band. They lost the emotion that made the first album so powerful and unique. This third album I think is an evolution of their sound on End of Silence. It is not revolutionary, but I didn't expect it to be. Instead, it is better, more cohesive, and engaging than the debut, and I think that is what a followup album should be. Why would you want them to try something new? Then they are no longer Red. I enjoy the music formula they have created on their first and third albums and wouldn't mind hearing it again, as long as they maintain the same energy and emotion and don't sink back into the bland Innocence and Instinct formula.

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