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Wallflowers - Red letter days

Wallflowers - Red letter days

Reviewer :
Johan Palm Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Interscope Records
Genre: Midwest Rock
Producer: Tobias Miller & Bill Appleberry
Artist discography


This is basically the same development of a band as matchbox 20. Big first record followed by a not as good second one. Both bands second cd sold just a fraction of their first ones. They are not miles apart musically either. So here?s wallflowers third album. I loved their first one, thought the second one was really good, so what about this one. The first thing I noticed was that the production is more modern compared to the others. The sound is fresher and more up to date. Simply the correct thing to do for the band, they really needed a slight change in sound. So, what about the songs. Honestly it doesn?t start of great. The first song ?When you?re on top? is ok not great. The album really takes off with the second song ?How good it can get?, that?s a great song and from there Jakob and the guys continues performing really nice songs alternated by great ones. Just listen to a song like ?If you never got sick? this is what great singer/songwriter, Midwest rock is all about. Just the kind of great song that Tom Petty is almost unable to write these days. It?s true that not all songs are fantastic, but they are still better than most other bands out there. A clear top 20 on my list this year.


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