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Pop Evil - War of Angels

Pop Evil - War of Angels

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2011-02-08 Year: 2011
Label: E1 Entertainment
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Johnny K
Artist discography


Don’t think that Pop Evil's debut Lipstick In The Mirror was especially good. Really liked their style filled with great riffs, but the song material was a bit uneven.
War Of Angels that came out in 2010, however, a complete shake-up in which the songs are clearly sharper and production signed Johnny K is nothing but very fitting. Think that they found a very good balance with tougher and more radio custom tracks this time where I think the slightly more arena custom "Purple" and "Monster You Made" stands out.
Normally albums start properly and then fell slightly at the end. War Of Angels begin quite weak, with the two metal smelling "Last Man Standing" and "Epitaph" which I think is the weakest tracks on the plate actually. But after that, we get one we very nice hard rock album that is worth checking out for sure!

Tracklisting 1. Last Man Standing
2. Epitaph
3. Broken & Betrayed
4. Monster You Made
5. Let It Go
6. Boss's Daughter
7. Daisy Chain
8. Purple
9. Black & Blue
10. Next Life


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