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Sparzanza - Folie à cinq

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2011-02-07
Label: Spin-Farm Oy
Genre: Metal
Producer: Rikard Löfgren
Artist discography


Sparzanza returns with their new album Folie a Cinq. It is the follow up to their latest album In Voodoo Veritas which was a great rock/metal album. This is also the first album that is recorded without David Johanesson on guitar as he left right after Voodoo was released. That does not seem to have affected the band very much as this album is tight, heavy and full of killer riffs.

What I like about Sparzanza is that they continuously evolve as a band, they become better and better album by album and this is no exception. I love the riffs in Nights of the Demon and I can say the same for more songs. One thing that strikes me is that Fredrik Weileby keeps evolving as a singer and on this album he sounds better than ever, both when screaming and during the clean parts of the vocals. It really shows during the slower song Follow Me. Hell is Mine is another favorite of mine.

I have a hard time finding any things to complain about on this album and this is just as good as their previous album. I think that they are so much better than Mustach and Sparzanza is most likely the best rock/metal band in Sweden right now.

Tracklisting 1. Temple of the Red-Eyed Pigs
2. Alone With a Loaded Gun
3. Mr Fish
4. Follow Me
5. Crone of Bell
6. Phoenix Down
7. Night of the Demons
8. Eyes Wide Shut
9. Hell Is Mine
10. Devil's Rain
11. The Reckoning


Melodic Net Comments 

Micke V
Great CD with great songs, nice riffs. 4 the world 2 enjoy!

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