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Charlie Simpson - Young Pilgrim

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2011-08-15 Year: 2011
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Danton Supple
Artist discography


Charlie Simpson will release his first ever solo album next month. Simpson takes the folk rock route drifting away from his previous bands and most recent rock outfit Fightstar. He has been hard at work recording “Young Pilgrim” which is the most fitting title to this album. Don’t be fooled though as its not just him with an acoustic guitar yet a full on band and at times is immense in sound. Danton Supple who produced Coldplay and Doves, lends his expertise in crafting Simpson’s sound on this record.

‘Down, Down, Down’ was the first song that has been released thus far and it straight out of folk town with a very catchy chorus. I wont in go into detail as you can get it for free on his site now. “Parachutes” is the first actual single with video online as well. Is is a coincidence that there is a Coldplay song called “Parachutes” as well? I think not, this song is better than Coldplay – yeah I said it, so there! This is one of my favorites as the drumbeat gets you going from the start. The sing along deserving chorus offers Simpson belting highs in the background over his chorus “I'm so sorry for the pain, sorry for the aches, Sorry for the moods I'm swinging. But I don't need your hand, I don't need your heart, I don't need a parachute.”

'All At Once' follows as the album just gets better. Charlie displays his great songwriting ability and expanded vocal horizon. You may remember ‘Thorns’ from the original demo he released last year. The new version is soaked in indie production and fits right into the album. This is a song that I can never get out of my head. 'Hold On' is a nice overall acoustic based inspiring song showing off Simpson’s vocals harmonies. ‘Suburbs’ is a beautiful song from the music to the lyrics and overall great flowing track. You may have heard the moody, slow folk ballad ‘Sundown’ already if you downloaded his free sampler. ‘Farmer and his Gun’ is a great song with some of the best lyrics to date. “Run run rabbit run. Just don't get caught out by the farmer and his gun. Well hide hide rabbit hide, It's best to lose yourself before you ever lose your pride”

If you know one thing about Charlie’s music, you know he loves huge endings to songs. ‘Riverbanks’ ends the album with the biggest ending to an album. This ambient song starts out with eerie urgent piano that builds to the ending of the album once Simpson belts “Open your eyes, something beautiful is happening” over the constant kick drum, you will have this one a repeat right after. Trust me.

Whether it’s Fightstar or his solo material, this man is a force in the music industry. I have stood by this statement and will stand by this as time goes on. Everyone needs to check out this album and support this talented artist. Great work Charlie, you are a truly underrated Young Pilgrim.

Tracklisting 1. Down Down Down
2. Parachutes
3. All At Once
4. Thorns
5. Cemetery
6. Hold On
7. I Need A Friend Tonight
8. Suburbs
9. Sundown
10. Farmer & His Gun
11. If I Lose It
12. Riverbanks


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