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The Click Five - TCV

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-04-18
Label: Lojinx Records
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Mike Denneen
Artist discography


Powerpop heroes The Click Five made a sensational debut with Greetings from Imrie house in 2005 but failed to deliver an equal strong follow up with the 2007 album Modern minds and pastimes. Former frontman Eric Dill was replaced by Kyle Patrick on the 2nd album and he did a fine job but the songs didn´t match the extremely well done first album. When my friends in the music business told me their 3rd album TCV was a disappointment, I didn´t expect anything at all to be honest but I must say this album is filled with plenty of ear candy that I want to return to over and over again. The opener "I quit I quit I quit" is perfect to start the album, what a catchy powerpop tune that gets better and better every time I hear it. After 2 million albums sold worldwide, we are still waiting for their breakthrough in Europe and perhaps this album is the one that should make it.

TCV has signed to British label Lojinx Records that has an impressive artist roster of Bleu, Farrah, Josh Fix and Tracey Bonham. While the 2nd track "Fever for shakin´" doesn´t make my legs shake, the 3rd track "Dancing after midnight" truly does it. This song sounds like a future hit to me, but wait there´s more to come.....the 4th track "The world comes crawling back" should make Tom Petty proud, what a lovely song. One of their best songs so far. Another great song is the new single "Don´t let me go" that is available as free download at their labels website. "Way back to you" will please fans of The Cars for sure while the 80´s pop of "The way it goes" sounds like something that The Romantic´s could´ve written. I love this album!

Tracklisting 1. I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!
2. The Way It Goes
3. Way Back To You
4. Fever For Shakin'
5. Good As Gold
6. Don't Let Me Go
7. Nobody's Business
8. Be In Love
9. Dancin' After Midnight
10. Just Like My Heart Falls
11. The World Comes Crawlin' Back
12. Love Time Space
13. Black Boots - Bonus Track
14. Love Still Goes On - Bonus Track


Melodic Net Comments 

A surprisingly good album. I didn't like 'Greetings From Imrie House', so avoided the second album, but this one has won me over! Read my full review here:

The best band. Nuff said

They're one of greatest musician I've ever listened so far. One of few artists that still kindly pay attention to anything that happens around them, which shows how generous and down-to-earth these guys are. They express their love for musics and spread 'em in many ways to people. Lookin' forward TCV world tour anytime soon!

Click Five is one of my most favorite bands! They probaly inspired so many lovely people. Half of there songs is mostly about love!

The Click Five are simply amazing. They put so much love into their music, and they use their music for a greater cause like. I love them so much, every single one of them! I never knew I could love a band so much! The MV for Don't Let Me Go has just been released. Watch it!

I've been a Click Five fan for couple years now and I am so proud of them. Their songs are pleasant to hear, love every single they have produced.

Carmen Ng
TCV is an amazing album. I love The Click Five. I've been a fan of them since I was 8 or 9. Now I'm 14. I love all of their songs. If I were to choose a favourite song from them it'll be too hard

I've been listening to TC5 from the past 4 yrs. They gave me a pretty attraction towards pop.when i listened to the tracks: "empty ,jenny,mary jane,happy b'day" it was like one my best days. I know that kyle and his team will definitely make TCV a hit and so should the fans do. Good luck guys.

I been a Fan of Click five since June 2005! Their music is amazing!! TCV has to be one of the BEST albums i own! Their shows are so much fun toooo!

I have been a fan of The Click Five since March 2005!`To me their music has always been amazing and catchy! I love all their albums! I love all of them, too! Kyle's voice is beyond great! TCV has been a long time coming and I think it's their best work yet! Long live The Click Five!!!! They rock my heart!!!! Not a day goes by without me listening to them! Can't wait to see them in concert again! <3

I've been listening to TC5 since a little before the release of their first album. They're so dedicated and their music is quality stuff. Great guys too- very friendly and down to earth. They deserve much more recognition!

the click five never fails to amaze me! love these guys!

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