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Regina Lund - Return

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2011
Label: ViciSolum
Genre: Pop
Producer: Regina Lund
Artist discography


REGINA LUND is a multi-artist in Sweden, and it’s really not right to say her music is simply pop music. Just like her own personality and all her various tasks, the music she creates is a mix of pop, ambient, singer/songwriter and sometimes rock. Or as the biography tells it: anything from punk to lullabies.

Let me give you a few examples. “Hope” is the first song, giving you a feeling as if SADE would be a little more exploring and daring. Yes, it’s soft and Regina almost breaths out some of the sentences, although it’s singing and not talking. “Everybody’s Darling” has a slighyt new age touch to it, but also something progressive. It’s really soft, like trying to illustrate a midnight stroll in musical terms. However, there are some up-tempo moments as well. “This Is My Shield” is a nice melodic rocker with a slight punkish attitude. I also like to mention the nice beat in “Bartender” which is a folkish pop/rock tune. The only downside is that this son – as well as some of the other ones – needs more variation. Regina has a tendency of repeating as pattern or a sentence to extreme boredom, and this song is a good example of that. This is only noted in a few songs, though, and I still want you to discover the music of Regina Lund. It’s a fascinating journey, mainly soft edged but with many faces.

Tracklisting 1. Hope*

2. In the atmosphere

3. White bird

4. Everybody's darling*

5. Go where the love is

6. Dare

7. This is my shield*

8. Bartender*

9. People like me

10. Courage

11. You think you know me

12. return (Korea remix; bonus track)

13. All over my boy (bonus track)

14. Le vent nous portera (bonus track)



Melodic Net Comments 

I love ju Regina and ju fantastik music. Dont´t never stop whith everything you are doing. Promis med you remember that. Love Marie