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Scorpions - Blackout 50th anniversary edition

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2015-11-06
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Dieter Dierks
Artist discography


Blackout is perhaps the most classic albums of them all by Scorpions, they had lost some of Ulrich Roth´s finesse in songwriting but Rudolf Schenker had become a real hitmaker by now and with No one like you from Blackout. The band scored their first no.1 hitsingle. They had gone from 70´s hard rock to a more pop metal oriented sound with their previous album Animal Magnetism and the blockbuster record Blackout.

The artwork by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnvein is exceptional, I can´t think of any other album cover by Scorpions that is so significant to this band´s entire catalogue. Even though I really like this record a lot, I can´t say I´m as equally big fan of Blackout as I am of Lovedrive or Taken By Force. Songs like Can´t live without you and the title track are milestones in their liveset but also quite tiresome because the choruses are truly monotonous.

But the brightside of the album are the more interesting tracks like the hard hitting rocker Dynamite, the melodic Arizona, the superhit No one like you and of course the majestic China White. Klaus Meine sang as great as ever but there was a drama behind the recording process that fans weren´t aware of back then. Producer Dieter Dierks noticed that something was not quite right with Meine´s voice. So Meine visited a doctor who examined him and the results showed knots on the vocal chord.

Meine underwent two surgeries, neither of which were entirely successful. Dierks suggested to the band that it might be a good time to look for another singer and Meine felt he was holding the band back so he almost agreed on the decision. But Rudolf didn´t even discuss the idea and told Meine, the band would wait for him. Finally Meine went to see a specialist in Vienna who treated him with a unique therapy that helped Meine´s voice to fully recover.

The 50th band anniversary edition also contains four demo tracks, Blackout, Running for the plane, Sugar Man and Searching for the rainbow. Where Searching for the rainbow is the only one with good quality enough to end up as an album cut. The bonus dvd features their performance in Dortmund at the Rock Pop in Concert in 1983 but including the two live tracks The Zoo and Make it real that weren´t broadcast on TV. The dvd also contains two music videos No one like you and Arizona plus a documentary with interviews by the band telling the story about Blackout.

A great record!


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