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Electric Guitars - String Fever

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-02-26
Label: Target
Genre: Hard Rock,  Classic Rock
Producer: Soren Andersen
Artist discography


It's hard to tell, if it's the fever that sets Electric Guitars on fire, or if it's the fire that gives Electric Guitars the fever. But one thing is certain, the two rock guitar-slingers Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, D-A-D) and Mika Vandborg has teamed up again with Peter Kjøbsted on bass and Morten Hellborn on drums, and are ready to spread the string fever! 

Shortly after i started String Fever, the album i got electrified by this fantastic pure guitar energy.
The fact that this album was recorded like it should, meaning recorded live, (only the vocals were recorded afterwards) giving it an atmosphere of standing front row at a live gig.

With Soren on the right speaker and Mika on the left you can clearly hear the huge talent they both deliver.

String Fever starts of with the titlesong, a real in your face rocker, which sets the tone for what is to expect.
"White Flag" gives an raw sleazy bluesrocker.
"Running out of Time" is clearly one of the hardrocking highlights with its haunting guitars.
"Let it Rock" is the answer on AC/DC, real Danish Dynamite.
After all those real hardrockers "Girlfriend" is a song which is much more poprock oriënted, a great singalong. with Morten doing some great work on the drumkit and still a nice mainstream guitarsolo.
"Day Off" goes down the southern road of music, sleazy & bluesy.
"She Wants My Guitar" is one of the live favourites and is delvered with the use of a talkbox an also with the  femalevoice by the Danish pop-singer Ida Corr. Very Aerosmith.
"Follow Your Heart" sounds a bit like Lenny Kravitz, bluesy, sleazy and soulfull rock.
"Finally Me" gives a real hardrockanthem love the lyrics and the great solo.
And then there is "The Thinner The Eyebrow The Crazier The Woman" (which could be true). Again some AC/CD influences and an Aerosmithy chorus, but also much more experimental in using different rythms during the song. You gotta dig it.
The last song  "The Man From Outer Space" could have been written by Pink Floyd, very space indeed.
What a way to complete this fantastic album.
The vocals which were recorded seperate are also of great quality, meaning it is much more than just a guitar album!
It you love real hardrock which is 100% guitar oriënted, this album is really a must have.

Tracklisting 1  String Fever
2  White Flag
3  Running Out Of Time
4  Let It Rock
5  Girlfriend
6  Day Off
7  She Wants My Guitar
8  Follow Your Heart
9  Finally Me
10  The Thinner The Eyebrow The Crazier The Woman
11  The Man From Outer Space


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