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Queensryche - Dedicated to chaos

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-06-28 Year: 2011
Label: Loud and Proud
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Kelly Gray
Artist discography


I understand if Queensryche dont wanna make a new Empire or a new Operation Mindcrime, I´m fine with that. And they have been experimenting before on a few of their previous releases but I just don´t get it when thisartistic band completely leave their trademark of progressive metal behind and get into electronic modern dance rock on "Dedicated to chaos". Geoff Tate says the new album is a clash and slash of musical styles and I agree, the jazzy soul rocker "Hard times" is a bit cool but perhaps not what the fans want to hear in a live set. The best song is "At the edge" that reminds the most of their early sound, I also like "Drive" that could´ve been an outtake from the "Tribe" album from 2003. But songs like "Get started" and "Hot spot junkie" are just weird in my opinion, I recently listened to all their records in chronological order (except a few of their 90´s albums that are a bit too dark) and I must say that "Dedicated to chaos" will not in a million years match albums like "Rage for order" or "American soldier".

Tracklisting 1. Get Started
2. Hot Spot Junkie
3. Got It Bad
4. Around the World
5. Higher
6. Retail Therapy
7. At the Edge
8. Broken
9. Hard Times
10. Drive
11. I Believe
12. LuvnU
13. Wot We Do
14. I Take You
15. The Lie
16. Big Noize


Melodic Net Comments 

What a truly bad album is this!! Danmit, i had high hopes that one day Queensryche would come up with a decent album but this is just pure garbage metal. None of the the songs feel like dancing and that's sure not the point thet have to rock ut that's yesterday!! Why release or review this album!!! Goodbye good music!
2011-08-16 00:41:47

I hear what you're saying, and i respect your opinion, i'm just disappointed to read yet another negative review of what is actually a fantastic album!! - Most reviews i've read are very negative and i'm sure they're based on just 1 or 2 listens. As i said before, i've digested this album 25/30 times now so i can appreciate it properly - and its really not getting the credit it deserves, and that disappoints me!! You're certainly correct though - 'At The Edge' is superb and certainly the best track on the album and I believe there is only 1 poor track which is 'Hot Spot Junkie'
2011-08-15 20:07:54

Its actually Scott Rockenfield, drummer of Queensryche who describes the new album as electronic modern dance rock and I thought it suited the style of Dedicated to chaos. And if you read my review more carefully you would see that I wrote "I understand if Queensryche dont wanna make a new Empire or a new Operation Mindcrime, I´m fine with that". But I want good songs in the classic Queensryche sound like American Soldier for example that does not sound like Rage for order!
2011-08-14 09:41:32

Electronic modern dance rock ?!!!!! have you actually listened to the album ? - what nonsense, yes, its different but having given it about 30 listens in the last month i can tell you its a mighty fine Rock album. Why do we want to hear another Rage for Order ?!! - if you want Rage for Order just listen to Rage for Order, simple !! Stop living in the past
2011-08-14 09:33:52

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