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Ole Borud - Chi-Rho

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Master Music
Genre: Westcoast
Producer: Ole Borud
Artist discography


Holy moses what an album... Geeh... Im thrilled, chocked and stunned. I didnt know what this was for an artist and CD Samuel from the recordcompany sent me the other day together with a couple of other new stuff from the christian musicscene. And I didnt pay much attention to it from the beginning because I also got Delirious and a few other CDs in the same package. Anyway, when I at last listened to it I was totally blowned away... Out it came... Perfectly produced modern pop with superb hooks all over!!! And a great vocalist (like a tougher Richard Page) with an extra ordinary taste!! There is a slight little problem with the album though.. or problem... well the album contain 10 covertunes. But it is not "normal" covers like "Sweet Home Alabama" or that sort of crap covers... Oh no... Ole have recorded 10 tunes from the christian musicscene with tunes from PFR, Whiteheart, Dogs of Peace and Rebecka St James just to mention a few of them... Great choices for sure, but the problem is that these artists have allready done very nice versions of their songs and its very hard to come up in the same caliber. BUT, and it is a big BUT, Ole is even better that the originals in the main part of the songs!!! And what we have here is a guy whove produced, played and not least sunged all the stuff himself with a FANTASTIC result!! Listen to the Whiteheart classic "Let The Kingdom Come" for example. Listen to the bombastic 2 minute pomporgy at the end of that song. Listen to his fantastic version of the PFR tune "Dyin Man" with harmonyvocals in style with the mighty Tommy Shaw!!! Im stunned! If these tracks would have been originalmaterial this album would have ended up with a 10 in grading but now I cant give a coveralbum more than a 9. And as I said - its all done by himself more or less! You almost cant believe its true... If someone have told me at the beginning of this year that I should have a norwegian guy playing, producing and singing covers as a top 3 album of 2002 I would seen that as a bad joke and that the guy saying that was insane. Now Im here with that CD. Unbelievable.


Melodic Net Comments 

Wow! Another Börud does it again...

I have to say i had no idea who this artist was until i was searching for music by the olso gospel choir and notice he was lead vocals on "Come now is the time to worship" and i was stunned after i looked up his past works as a musician in Extol. he really is an awesome gospel vocialist and you can tell he enjoys what he does, leads the choir like he was born for it...

Excellent vocals. Excellent remix of some classic tunes. Love his talent.
2007-04-14 04:10:25