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Bob Catley - Live At The Gods

Bob Catley - Live At The Gods

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 1999
Label: Now & Then
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Here is an official bootleg with Former Magnum vocalist Catley. Magnum used to be my all time fave band in the mid 80s. Geeh, I collected all kinda stuff with them and they sure have done some classic stuff on record. Well live as well. Bob have a fantastic voice and Magnum was always very tight on stage. Here is his first solo livealbum and its actually a nice piece of plastic. It sounds good and is really wellplayed by the backup band with Vinny Burns among others. He does stuff from his soloalbum and some older Magnum stuff in really nice versions. Check this up if you like me is a big freak of Magnum and Bobs voice.


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Pink Floyd´s "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is dedicated to the band´s former leader Syd Barret. Syd used to be the leader...until his schizophrenia and the LSD started to catch up with him, and he became rather insane. The band called David Gilmour, who had given Syd guitar lessons during high shool, and would cover for Syd during concerts, correcting his mistakes and filling in when he started playing along to a different tune. Syd eventually got more and more distanced of the band and David got to be the lead guitarist, but lots of the insanity themes they sing about is related to their former bandmate.

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