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Pär Winberg 

Title: Editor In Chief, etc
My styles 

MidwestrockModern rock PowerpopModern/classic/Pianobased singer songwriters"wacko" popaor countryretrorockIf you wanna have something reviewed - send toPar WinbergLokstallsgatan 13s-52132 FalkopingSweden
currently spinning 

classic softer modern rockers...

1. Tonic - If I Could Only See
2. Live - Lightning Crashes
3. Counting Crows - A Long December
4. Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars
5. Gin Blossoms - Til´ I Hear It From You
6. Fastball - Out Of My Head
7. Third Eye Blind - Jumper
8. Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
9. Collective Soul - The World I Know
10. Better Than Ezra - Desperatly Wanting

all time favorites 


Hi De Ho Folks - hope everything is rockin´ with you out there in the springtime. Here in Sweden it´s fantastic - sunny, warm, green, fresh and so beautiful... The springtime rules... I´m on my way to Stockholm and I have my iPod right beside me. Here is some of the stuff I have played today (just added a random playlist with songs I have put four stars or more on):

1. Alan Gorrie - Sleepless Night (classic westcoast)
2. Another Big Machine - All These Lights
3. 3rd Matinee - All The Way Home (Richard Page rules)
4. Carolina Liar - All That Shit Is Gone (marvellous tunes
4. Chasen - All I Can Say (great midwestpop)
5. Airrace - All I´m Asking (he he... old classic AOR!)
6. Ferras - Aliens & Rainbows (geeh I love this band)
7. Black Lab - Learn To Crawl (Fabulous band and a fabulous song.)
8. Carlotta - Hello (just a plain good tune I happen to like)
9. Danger Radio - One More Chance (I say it once more - if you havent bought this album yet... It´s about time!)
10. David Mead - Telephone
11. Evans Blue - In A Red Dress And Alone (probably of the most powerful moder rock productions ever done)
12. Me & Buck - Nothings Happens Here (great midwest from the mid 90´s)
13. Mecca - Can´t Stop Love (don´t ask me how this AOR-tune ended up in this playlist. Probably because it´s a good one...)
14. 707 - Out Of The Dark (707 is not that good as I remembering them but this is a damn good track..)
15. John Mellencamp - When Jesus Left Birmingham (The coolest lyrics today and the best americana-gospel. Weird to have it on here but what the heck...)