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Scott Fischer

Scott Fischer interview 

Scott Fischer
Submitted by Rick Huisseune on 2005-11-20
In the mood for a young fresh sound with groovy old skool tunes ? Check out this guy then, hes name is Scott Fisher and brings back great melodies in wonderful Pop/Rock songs. After ""Feeling Towards Creation" (02) is this self titled release his 2nd opus. Scott Fisher is truly an interesting singer/songwriter with honest Pop/Rock ideas.
You hail from Portland, Oregon. I must honestly confess you are the best artist in years from that area since Quarterflash and BlacknBlue.... i guess you never heard of these 80s bands ?
Scott Fischer: Thanks for the compliment. I?m familiar with Quarterflash, but not Black and Blue. Remember New Shoes? The Portland music scene is actually quite diverse and I?ve been impressed with a lot of the new acts developing here.

I think you play very groovy happy Rock, kind of like Adam Schmitt meets Evan & Jaron ... I wonder what kind of music you prefer yourself thesedays ?
Scott Fischer: I am a true music fan and I am always looking to discover new and old music. Recently I have been listening to the newly discovered Monk/Coltrane album, which I can?t get enough of. Brad Mehldau is a great new jazz pianist I?ve been quite inspired by. I?ve been revisiting Curtis Mayfield, which is some very funky soulful music with great social commentary. On the pop side I love the new Death Cab For Cutie record. OKGO has a very cool sounding rock record out at the moment. I?m really all over the place when it comes to my musical taste. I like everything but Celine Dion and David Hasselhoff..

All your songs are really catchy, why wasnt a major label interested in releasing this product ?
Scott Fischer: We showcased for numerous majors and major Indies over the last year and a half but for one reason or another we weren?t able to seal a deal that made sense. My dream is to find some money to stay independent and release some albums on my own. The secret weapon of a label in my eyes is the revenue they have. On my end I might be able to raise $20,000 to promote a release whereas a label releasing a record for the same fan base will spend several hundred thousand.

Did you moved with your entire band from Oregon to L.A. ? Or did you form your own band once you were in L.A. ?
Scott Fischer: We seem to have two home bases at the moment. The drummer and I live in LA and the Guitar player and bass player live in Portland Oregon where I grew up. We usually meet up for some rehearsals in Portland or Los Angeles before we head out on the road. I?ve been playing with Matt Voth (Bass) and Bob Dunham (guitar )for over 3 years now, so we are really starting to get on the same page musically. Our touring drummer over the last two years, Josh Yafa, just got married and decided to attend UCLA to get his Masters in Business administration. We have recently connected with a monster drummer named Enrique Gonzalez who was with the well-known Mexican band Jumbo. So what at first was a stressful uncertainty has turned out to be a musical blessing.

Is it easy thesedays over there to get recognition (on radio and club gigs) with these tunes ?
Scott Fischer: Hmm. Well I have to say that?s a bit of a relative question. We have a great radio promoter named Kevin Sutter of Tazmoe music in Seattle. He?s been able to get us some good radio exposure and we had two singles that were charting on the national triple A charts which is one of the radio formats here in the US. On the one hand we?ve made a little dent and started to create some exposure, on the other hand, I feel like we could do so much better with some real promotional dollars behind us. It?s definitely not easy in the states at the moment because there is so much competition and so few people who take risks on the business side. Persistence on the grass roots level really does work though. I really do believe that with quality original music and persistence you can find an audience here.

You also had something to do with the hip clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch, can you tell our readers what this exactually was?
Scott Fischer: Abecrombie and Fitch asked me if they could use two of my songs on their website "Fleeing Towards creation" and "couldn?t find the words". It was great exposure for me and allowed me to sell a few more records than usual. Their market is basically young woman, which was good in many ways. The down side of the endeavor was that it allowed some of the critics to pigeonhole my music as teenybopper without really listening to it.

If i check out your songs, they sound great, like i Mentioned before very groovy and happy but also they look simple ( i mean this as a compliment), does this means you prefer the simple things in life?
Scott Fischer: Sure, I think the simple things are often the most profound and meaningful ones in life. I really try to make music that exists in two worlds. On the one hand I aspire towards musical sophistication and on the other I try to make my music accessible. It?s not an obvious marriage at times but I think I have begun to find my way. In more concrete terms I think there is a perfect place somewhere between the simplicity of Jack Johnson and the sophisticated musicianship and melodies of Steely Dan.

Are you working on new material ? If so when can we expect something new from you ?
Scott Fischer: April 2006 should be the release of the new record. I?m in the middle of the creative process as we speak. I am truly excited about this new material. I can say without a doubt that it is the best work I have done yet. Continuing upon your earlier question, I feel like I have found the marriage between musicianship, songwriting the way I hear it in my head. I don?t think I could have made this record with a major label and a big producer, which was the direction we almost went. I?m not sure what that will mean with record sales, but at least it?s the record that I heard in my head.

Any tours in mind ?
Scott Fischer: Yeah, We will definitely hit the road hard here in the states once the new record is released.

If our readers have difficulties with getting this release, how can they order it from you ?
Scott Fischer: All of my albums will be available through most of the larger American record stores online. Also Apple itunes is great or which is a cool indie record distributor online. There will always be info on how to obtain the record at


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