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Places of Power interview 

Places of Power
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2009-01-21
You might not know Bruce Turgon by name but most music fans has heard his songs one way or another, he´s written songs for Kiss, Foreigner, The Lost Boys Movie, Lou Gramm and recently the amazing AOR smash Places of Power.
His new super project also features the stunning vocalist Philip Bardowell, I think this time Frontiers records has found a new classic!
In the left corner, Bruce Turgon....let´s rumble!
Hi Bruce, it´s really nice to have you aboard the ship. Do you read reviews of your work?
Bruce Turgon: Hi Kaj- thanks for the welcome and yes, I do sometimes read the reviews.

We´re based in Sweden, have you ever been there?
Bruce Turgon: Yes, I was in Stockholm when I was with Foreigner and we were touring worldwide in support of the Mr. Moonlight album.

It´s been 4 years since your previous solo album "Outside looking in" from 2005 where you sang on yourself and did it really well, how come you hooked up with Philip Bardowell on the Places of Power album?
Bruce Turgon: Philip also released a critically acclaimed solo album on Frontiers around the same time as I did. The president of the label, Serafino Perugino, approached both Philip and I about working together. We found that we had much in common musically and after trading ideas on a couple of tracks, everyone was excited with the results and we got onto the business of making an album.

QDo you and Philip play and sing everything yourselves on Places of Power´s first album "Now is the hour"?
Bruce Turgon: Yes, except my friend Scott McKinstry, who was also on my solo album, played lead guitar on 9 of the 12 tracks.

The production is outstanding, it sounds like a million bucks, where was it recorded?
Bruce Turgon: Thank you. The music was all recorded at my studio, After Hours Recorders (CA/USA), and most of Philip’s lead vocals and our backing vocals were done at Caedence Studio (CA/USA). I assembled and rough mixed all the final tracks and sent them to Dennis Ward (Germany). We worked on them via the internet and when the mixes were complete, Dennis mastered it.

I think several songs on "Now is the hour" bring thoughts to the Shadow King album you did with Lou Gramm in 1991, are all the songs new written?
Bruce Turgon: Yes, all the songs are new. Musically, it’s just what I do in this genre of music and with Philip’s vocal approach being somewhat familiar to Lou’s, I guess there is a similarity, but the album does bear our own collaborative stamp.

I heard Gramm has a new band these days, are you staying in touch with him?
Bruce Turgon: It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, but he’s meant to be near completion on a new album and I look forward to it and wish him well.

You were a short lived member of Foreigner in 1995, you played and co-wrote several tracks on the "Mr.Moonlight" album.
What do you think of Foreigner today with Mick Jones being the only original member left in the band?

Bruce Turgon: Although “Mr. Moonlight” was the only recorded album I was on (there are several compilations and a live dvd), I was actually a part of Foreigner for over 10 years. As with Lou, I have great respect for Mick and wish him well in all his endeavors.

I checked up your background as a musician and songwriter and I´m impressed by the strong catalogue of album and songs you have been involved in.
Both Lou Gramm solo albums, Shadow King, Foreigner, the song "My way" on Kiss "Crazy crazy nights" album and the amazing Soundtrack song "Lost in the shadows" from the first Lost Boys movie.
But even with all this work, you seem like a typical "standing out of the spotlight" kinda guy which is common for most bassplayers.
Do you wish you were more famous?

Bruce Turgon: I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many talented people and experience so much creative opportunity throughout my career. Although my participation generally has not placed me directly in the spotlight (with the exception of “Outside Looking In”), I have truly enjoyed the writing and performing across so many great projects and it has enabled me to move far beyond my traditional role as bassist and embrace all facets of making a record, from performing as a multi instrumentalist to vocalist, and ultimately producing projects from the ground up.

If you’ve seen me perform live, you probably know that I spend almost no time “standing out of the spotlight”…

Have you written any songs for any forthcoming albums with other artists lately?
Bruce Turgon: I co-wrote and produced a track for VH1 with a band called Seventh Rize. They also have a new album on Chavis records entitled “Full Moon” and I’ve written a couple of tracks with them for it. We’re in the process of co-writing their next album, which they’ve asked me to produce and perform on. Since completing “Places Of Power”, I’ve been busy writing underscore for documentaries, which I enjoy. It can be very creative, but outside the traditional rock format I’m most known for. I’ve also compiled enough material for another solo album, but haven’t gotten to the point of bringing it to fruition yet.

What are the nearest plans for Places of Power?
Bruce Turgon: We’ll see what the response is and take it from there. Philip and I worked very hard to create a foundation we could build on and everything is possible. Time will tell…

What is your favorite album of 2008?
Bruce Turgon: I really don’t have one.

I read that Kiss are thinking of making a new studio album in 2009, I really miss their 80´s sound so I think you should get in touch with Paul and write a few songs together in the same style as Crazy nights!
How does that sound like?

Bruce Turgon: Sounds great- if you talk to Paul, mention it to him…


Did you know that?

OneRepublic broke records with their mega-hit "Apologize" when it was released, which became the most legally downloaded song in US digital history.

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