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Crash Boom Bang interview 

Crash Boom Bang
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2012-03-09
Crash Boom Bang is new and upcoming band from Washington, D.C. that plays really catchy pop/rock. We got the chance to ask these great guys some questions and here they are...
Melodic: Hey man, how are you? How have the day been?

Mauricio: I'm good, thanks for asking!

Chaucer: Awesome, 


Melodic: First I want to give you some cred for the awesome single "V.I.P". Greta tune, really catchy! How has the response been?

M: The response has been amazing! We actually planned on doing our video for another song, but people have responded so well to V.I.P on the road, it didn't make sense not making our first video for the song.

C: V.I.P. has developed into a fan favorite.  It's one of those songs that even on first listen, people know the lyrics by the end of the song because the melody gets stuck in your head so easily.


Melodic: The video is crazy, really fun with all guys' dreams in it, chicks, cash and cars! It must have been really fun shooting?

Raul:Best weekend of my life!

M: Well, I was asleep the entire time so I wouldn't know ;)

C: [laughs] The video was really fun because it was intentionally meant to be over-the-top.  We wanted it to be satirical, playing on the stereotypical lifestyle of "living like a rockstar".  Truth is, we're normal guys that put on our pants one leg at a time.  But when those pants are one we make over-top music videos.


Melodic: Who came up with the idea?

M: Nicholas Cambata with 8112 Studios (@8112studios) was the man with the vision here, they've done great work with Cedric Gervais, Dirty Vegas and Stacy Clark in past, so it was an obvious choice for us.  

C: We had several meetings working on the treatment, working on the plot.  We were originally going to be spotted by police during our performance scene and then have a police chase.  But we decided to keep things simple...that is, living the life of a rockstar by stealing boatloads of cash via bank robberies.   As Mauricio mentioned, we were originally going to do the video for 'HITS', but we decided fairly last minute to switch it up.


Melodic: But I'm a little bit disappointed for not being invited. Do you that my last name is Wippsson? I'm a Wery important person you know :)

C: We sent you an invite on MySpace, you didn't get it? (laughs dryly)

R: (laughs) We should have met earlier.

C: There's always next music video.  We're already planning it; it's going to be the exact opposite, and we're going to be behind bars, living an impoverished lifestyle.  Maybe we can do it for our song 'Save Me'!


Melodic: Crash Boom Bang is a new band to me and probably most of the readers. Can you tell a little about your self? How did you guys meet?

M: Well Raul (bass/keyboard) and I are brothers and we met Chaucer (guitar) in the local DC music scene. He was that guy everyone knew because he was at all the shows everywhere you went. And our singer Omar we found on…..err, I mean mutual friends.


Melodic: Your music is like a mix of pop, rock and dance. Very catchy and infectious. I think it's hard to label you, which is good actually. How would you describe the sound of Crash Boom Bang?

C: We get asked that question a lot, and I think the best answer is...think if Bruno Mars fronted Cobra Starship.

R: Definitely, we are pop with rock and electronic dance influences.


Melodic: What bands have influenced you to sound the way you do?

M: We're influenced by so many different genres it's hard to explain how our sound comes out the way it does.  

C: Yeah, we listen to all types of music, we're all big fans of artists ranging from Guns N Roses to Queen to Maroon 5 to Lady Gaga.  I've personally been on a huge "Watch the Throne" kick.  Whether or not all these influences shows through our music, who knows? Would not ever mind being in the same breath of any of those artists!


Melodic: And I love asking band about their names. Who came up with Crash Boom Bang and what's the story behind it?

M: I came up with Crash Boom Bang as a tentative lyric in one of our songs, but it was Omar's idea to turn it into our band name.  

C: We wanted something memorable that could describe our music at the same time.  A lot of people think its from the Roxette song "Crash Boom Bang".  On the contrary, I think we can say we officially "made it" as a band once we search our name on YouTube and it no longer brings up Roxette. (laughs)


Melodic: How does the future look like, what will happen in 2012?

M: 2012 is so bright, I gotta wear shades :) I think we're off to great start. New album, new video, talks of some cool touring opportunities.

C: We're off to a fast start, but we're still a new developing artist, and really rely on our fans to spread the word about us.   We spend a lot of time talking to our fans online via Facebook ( and Twitter (@cbbtweets).  We're already getting a lot of buzz from the music video, and getting some serious inquiries, but it's all about the right fit.


Melodic: If you could choose one or two artists to tour with, who would it be?

C: We'd love to tour The Wanted, Cobra Starship or Bruno Mars.  Sorry that was three.

R: And Katy Perry.


Melodic: That was it, thanks for your time. Any last words to the readers?

M: Thank you, this was fun. I just want the readers to know that we're down to meet everyone. Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter and we'll respond back. And please help us get the word out on our V.I.P. video by telling your friends :)