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Train - California 37

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2012-04-17
Label: Sony Music, Columbia Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Espionage, Butch Walker
Artist discography


Train is a band with nine lives. Thought if I'll be honest that they would find it hard to top the hit "Meet Virgin" from the debut, but "Drops Of Jupiter" from the next record became a smash hit and took them to new heights. Then came a couple of less successful album and thought once again that the band was off speaking. But then "Save Me San Francisco" was released and the band delivered once again a mega hit in "Sweet Soul Sister" which sold five million copies. Impressive!
The new album "California 37" then will certainly go very well since it’s a worthy and strong sequel. We get an album that is their most pop-oriented so far and the band has really gone in to write hits with super catchy tracks from start to finish. "This'll Be My Year" and "Bruises" cannot be anything but hits with his beautiful melodies and choruses and we got more of that stuff.
However, the album feels less “real” this time and, unfortunately, quite artificially in the production. There are good tracks for sure, but it's  bit too much name-dropping and electronic elements, which unfortunately takes the depth out of Train's organic style. Would have loved to have seen more tracks as they soul filled "We Were Made For This" and "When The Fog Rolls In", but these ones are no safe hits, so can understand that we do not get more of that type.
“California 37” is a pretty mixed album clearly, with plenty of hits candidates that will keep them on the throne when it comes to American traditional rock.


Tracklisting 1. This'll Be My Year
2. Drive By
3. Feels Good At First
4. Bruises featuring Ashley Monroe
5. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
6. You Can Finally Meet My Mom
7. Sing Together
8. Mermaid
9. California 37
10. We Were Made For This
11. When The Fog Rolls In
12. To Be Loved


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